About Us

Rynfield Craft, Art & Hobby Centre is based in Rynfield, Benoni, on the East Rand in Gauteng. When the shop was offered up for sale just over a year ago, Kevin & myself decided to keep it in the family and bought from Leah. Since then, the shopping centre has been demolished around us, and a bright new shop has been born.

Rynfield Craft Centre offers a wide variety of classes to mostly teach the basics of each craft. We also want to encourage people to take some time out to learn to get in touch with their creative side, and mostly RELAX.

Being “artistic” and “creative” are two very different things. Being artistic generally means being able to paint and draw. Taking the time to explore one’s potential in a creative way could mean baking a beautiful cake, or perhaps arranging a vase of flowers in an appealing way, or setting a table for dinner guests in an inviting manner. One doesn’t have to be “artistic” to mosaic a bowl or decoupage a bin and tissue box for a child’s room. Creativity comes from within, and can be expressed in very many different forms. As long as you enjoyed what you did, and it made you feel proud and relaxed, that is the most important.

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